What Happens if You Sell Drugs to Kids in Georgia?

Selling drugs to children may lead to serious penalties in Georgia. While selling drugs is illegal regardless of the buyer’s age, criminal courts may enforce heightened sentences when children are involved. If you have been accused of selling drugs to children, it is important to get started with a defense strategy as soon as possible. An experienced drug defense lawyer in Georgia can fight for your rights and pursue positive outcomes on your behalf

Georgia Man Faces Many Years in Prison After Selling Vape Pens to Middle Schoolers

In June of 2024, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office announced that they had arrested a man on suspicion of selling vape pens to middle school students. Authorities say that these vape pens contained THC and that they fell into the hands of “several” children. After the arrest, police searched the suspect’s home and discovered a stockpile of THC vape cartridges, $12,000 in cash, and a handgun. They also discovered psilocybin mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms.” 

In total, the defendant is facing five charges and seven separate counts. First, he faces three separate counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He also faces one charge of possession of drug-related objects, one charge of firearm possession during a felony, and one charge of electronic communication to facilitate a felony. Finally, the suspect faces a single charge of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” All of these charges are relatively serious, and the three separate counts of distribution could easily lead to life behind bars. 

When it comes to drug dealing to children, sentencing may be especially harsh for somewhat obvious reasons. Dealing drugs to children is generally seen as a particularly heinous crime, and juries may have little patience for defendants accused of these offenses. 

Dealing Drugs Near a School in Georgia

Even if you do not deal drugs directly to children, you could still face heightened penalties for dealing drugs near a school. Under § 16-13-32.4, it is illegal to distribute drugs within 1,000 feet of any school – public or private. This applies to both elementary and secondary schools (but not colleges). Even a first offense under this section can lead to 20 years in prison. Subsequent offenses can result in 40-year prison sentences, making this one of the most serious drug offenses a person can commit in Georgia.

It does not matter whether the school was in session at the time of the offense. However, an “affirmative defense” in this scenario applies if the drug transaction occurred entirely on private premises. In other words, you cannot face heightened penalties just because your home is located within 1,000 feet of a school. 

Find an Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer in Georgia

If you need help fighting drug charges in Georgia, consider Lankford & Moore Law. We have represented numerous defendants in the past – including those who have been accused of drug crimes. We know that these situations are often the result of simple misunderstandings – especially when children are involved. To discuss your legal options in more detail, consider getting in touch with a defense attorney as soon as possible. 

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