Traffic Tickets

Most of the time, that sinking feeling that comes from seeing blue lights in your rear-view mirror is only the start of your problems.  The officer hands over a traffic ticket and leaves it up to you to figure it out from there.  The citation shows a court date.  Do I have to go?  Can I pay over the phone?  What if I disagree with the officer?  How many points do I get?  What do those points even mean?  What about my insurance rates?  The questions add up quickly when it comes to traffic tickets.  Answers, however, are harder to find.

Your Questions Answered

Lankford & Moore Law has dealt with traffic tickets of all types in a myriad of courtrooms.  Every situation is different.  The Gwinnett attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law are experienced in all areas of criminal law.  They can interpret your situation and tell you exactly what to expect.  Most tickets can be negotiated no matter how strong the case is.  An experienced attorney from Lankford & Moore Law can tell you how traffic tickets really work – and how to avoid some of the penalties.  Your attorney can explain Georgia’s point system, and whether it actually affects you at all.  More importantly, the attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law can tell you if you need to consider something even more important than points on your license.

Traffic Ticket Myths Debunked

Traffic laws vary drastically among states.  However, your Google search probably does very little to differentiate which laws apply to your ticket.  Even if you do find Georgia law, it is probably outdated or inapplicable to your case.  Why?  Georgia’s legislators change the traffic laws almost every year.  The information available online usually leaves out important information that you never knew to ask.  For example, pleading “no contest” (nolo contendere) is usually not the best choice to avoid points on your license.  Paying the fine does not just make the citation go away.  When you pay by phone, you are entering a guilty plea that will stay on your driving history.

Out-of-State Drivers

Even the most basic traffic ticket can become a big deal if you live out of state.  Your options are limited significantly simply by the fact that it may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to return to Georgia to deal with your ticket.  Furthermore, your home state will likely find out about the ticket and it could affect your license there.  The attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law know how to save you time and money with your Georgia traffic citation.  In most cases, they can handle the ticket without you ever having to return to Georgia.  You won’t have to become an expert in Georgia traffic law when you hire a professional at Lankford & Moore Law.

Commercial/CDL Drivers

Lankford & Moore Law understands that having a commercial driver’s license puts you at special risk when facing a traffic citation.  Not only are your driving privileges on the line, your livelihood is also at risk.  The attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law understand that losing your commercial driving privileges would be devastating.  They will fight every way they can to save your CDL so you can get back on the road.  Lankford & Moore Law’s attorneys know the unique laws that apply specifically to CDL tickets and how to navigate them to get the best result possible in your case.

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Traffic Ticket Attorneys

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