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Hi, my name is Tyler Moore. I founded Lankford & Moore Law to help clients overcome their doubts, fears, and worries so they can feel confident in their legal matters. In doing so, we are able to gain every edge in our cases to secure the best outcome possible.  From the hundreds of cases I’ve handled, I’ve learned that there’s one guaranteed way to give yourself an advantage in any type of case – you’ve got to get started early. The sooner you take action, the more opportunities there are to get the upper hand.  That’s why your next step is to call for a FREE consultation with a licensed attorney.  After talking to one of our experts, we will tell you exactly what you need to do next.

Speeding Ticket Attorneys

You see the blue lights behind you, and that sinking feeling creeps in.  It could happen to anyone, but today it’s you.  You wonder why the officer is pulling you over.  As he asks for your license, a million thoughts race through your head.  A few minutes later, you are driving away, the proud owner of a nearly unreadable citation.  You may already know that speeding tickets in Georgia contribute points toward your license.  Get enough points, and your license gets suspended.  Additionally, if you’re under 21 years old or have a commercial driver’s license, an entirely different set of rules applies.  A speeding ticket can present a bigger problem, though.

The Department of Driver Services reports moving violations to your motor vehicle report, or driving history.  Insurers use that information in setting their rates.  While a poor driving history make car insurance almost unaffordable, even a single ticket can raise your insurance rates by up to 22%.1   Think that the ticket will just fall off after you pay it?  Think again.  While most insurance companies look back at least three years, some look back up to ten years for speeding tickets!  As employers seek to minimize insurance costs, some are now asking for driving histories as part of their hiring process.  Remember, paying the ticket is the same as pleading guilty.  You need a better option.

Speeding Ticket Attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law Can Save the Day

Our team at Lankford & Moore Law knows how to navigate speeding tickets in Georgia.  That’s why we handle speeding tickets in Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court, all Gwinnett municipal courts, and courts in the surrounding counties, including speeding tickets in Hall County and Barrow County. Therefore, we know each court has its own criteria for deciding how to handle tickets.  We also know that there are usually at least three different ways to prevent points on all moving violation citations.  Finally, we know exactly how to keep motor vehicle reports clean.  Avoid the awkward courtroom drama.  We do the research, we talk to the judge and prosecutor, we stand by you to provide comfort and peace of mind.  With an expert from Lankford & Moore Law at your side, you can leave your speeding ticket in the dust without the lasting impact on your driving history.

What About Super Speeder Tickets?

In 2010, Georgia implemented its new legislation on super-speeder tickets.  A super speeder ticket is just a speeding ticket with a high speed.  The exact speed that triggers a super speeder ticket varies by the type of road you’re driving on.  The speeding ticket itself does not usually say that it is a super speeder violation.  An attorney knowledgeable on super speeder tickets can tell you if you are facing a super speeder fine based on the speed and type of road.  The consequence of a super speeder ticket is an additional $200.00 penalty paid to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  This fine is in addition to the normal speeding ticket penalty you pay the court.  If you do not pay the super-speeder fine within 120 days, DDS will suspend your license.  These penalties can affect you even if you are an out-of-state driver.  It is almost always worth it to hire an attorney to address a super speeder ticket.

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Hiring a lawyer is an important decision.  However, we know that you are busy.  Driving to Lawrenceville, Georgia to hire an attorney in Atlanta traffic could take hours.  Our intake form and contract can be completed from your smartphone or computer, which means you can get the representation you need wherever you are within minutes.  You no longer have to wait for an appointment several days from now.  You can sleep easy tonight.

Live Outside Georgia? We Can Clear Your Traffic Ticket Without You Appearing

We understand how easy it is to get a speeding ticket while you’re just passing through.  I-85 is a favorite speed trap for many Gwinnett police officers.  No matter what the ticket, we understand that it can affect your non-Georgia driver’s license just as much as it would affect a Georgia resident.  You are at a disadvantage though because it is difficult for you to appear and defend yourself when you live so far away.  Let us take distance out of the equation.  We can appear on your behalf and satisfy your speeding ticket without you having to appear.  You get the same expert legal advice and quality representation with the convenience you need.

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Lankford & Moore Law’s criminal defense attorneys and divorce lawyers are based out of Gwinnett County in the heart of Lawrenceville.  Located less than a mile from the Gwinnett County Courthouse, our attorneys handle felonies, misdemeanors, traffic tickets, and family law matters in Gwinnett, Hall, and Barrow Counties.  Additionally, our traffic lawyers represent clients in all of the Gwinnett city courts, including the Municipal Court of Lawrenceville, Snellville, Duluth, Suwanee, Norcross, Lilburn, and Braselton.


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