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All legal fights are hard, but when those fights revolve around your family, it gets even tougher. That’s why the attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law are glad to step up to help you win your legal battle. Whether you are facing divorce, a child custody battle, a contempt action, or something else, the family law attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law can help. As trained advocates, Lankford & Moore Law’s divorce lawyers will fight for you to the greatest extent allowed under the law. As caring counselors, our family law lawyers will help you understand the process you are going through to ease some of the stress and emotional turmoil that comes with a family law battle. When it comes to family law litigation, Lankford & Moore Law treats you like a part of our family. Call us to talk to a family lawyer today.

Family law attorneys not only handle litigation in your case, but they also counsel you through what is likely one of the most difficult times in your life. If you are facing tough matters like divorce, child custody disputes, child support issues, paternity or legitimation, or domestic violence, you need a professional that can guide you through the complicated legal process to ensure your rights are protected. Remember, Family law is state specific, so you need a Georgia licensed attorney to advise you- not the world wide web. Your case matters to the Family Law attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law. Our experienced attorneys have mastered efficient case management and can give you the personalized attention you need to get through this tough time. Your case will not get buried in a pile on someone’s desk, and all matters- whether simple or complex, are considered important to us.

Sometimes, you may not even know what type of family law matter you have, so contact us for a case assessment, and we can help determine your case needs. Our attorneys are quick to spot the issues and come up with a game plan to resolve your case quickly and effectively.

We know that paying a lawyer hourly is daunting, and that sometimes when you are facing family law issues, you are also financially strapped. That is why Lankford & Moore Law takes a nontraditional approach to the traditional billable hour system. We offer affordable representation with the same results as the high-dollar firms.

If you are seeking an attorney to help you with a family law matter, contact us for a case assessment to discuss what Lankford & Moore Law family law attorneys can do for you.

The only secret that the lawyer really possesses about the law is that no one can ever be certain of what the law is…. The lawyer is accustomed to the ways of bending and changing rules to suit his (or his client’s) purposes, to dance in the shadows of the law’s ambiguities. Rules hold no particular terror for the lawyer, just as the sight of blood holds no terror for the surgeon.

Jethro Lieberman

Attorney Sherry Lankford is a Family Law Advocate

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