Speed Cameras Completely Fail to Prevent Pedestrian Fatalities in Georgia

For many Georgia residents, the installation of speed cameras across the state has caused nothing but financial pressures and stress. The widespread initiative was supposed to increase safety – particularly among children. However, lackluster results and concerns over profit motives have caused residents – and even some lawmakers – to rethink their priorities. If you were issued a speeding ticket in Georgia by one of these automated cameras, you may feel the same way. 

Pedestrian Fatalities Have Increased Since the Installation of Speed Cameras

Everyone seemed to believe that if Georgia installed speed cameras, the inevitable result would be a decrease in pedestrian deaths. However, the statistics paint a very different picture. The National Highway Safety Administration states that after the speed cameras were installed, pedestrian deaths increased by 31% over three years. This equates to almost 100 more deaths since the installation. Reducing pedestrian deaths was the primary argument for the speed cameras in the first place. If the initiative has failed in this regard, one has to wonder whether further use of the cameras is even justified. 

Speed Cameras Associated with Questionable Profit Motives

Another source of controversy is the fact that these cameras are implemented by private companies. These private companies played a direct role in pushing for their installation. When a South Fulton Police Chief advocated for the cameras, he relied on a traffic study conducted by the private traffic camera company. This study showed a 90% reduction in speeding vehicles after their implementation, but some have questioned the validity of this statistic. If a private company stands to profit from the installation of traffic cameras, there is a clear financial incentive to present a specific narrative with hand-picked statistics. 

Profit motives continue to raise questions even after the installation. The fact that the private company behind these cameras receives 35% of each traffic ticket is now common knowledge. There is a financial incentive to issue as many traffic tickets as possible. Unlike a government organization, the purpose of a corporation is not to serve the people. Instead, the purpose of every company is to generate as much profit as possible. 

Looking back, it seems that the cameras have issued countless tickets in error. In the City of Jonesboro alone, the company was forced to refund drivers $76,400 after issuing 968 erroneous tickets. Somehow, the cameras had been programmed with the wrong speed limit. In Barrow County, officials refunded more than $720,000 to drivers because they had incorrectly placed a single sign in the wrong location. 

It May Be Easier to Fight Your Ticket Than You Think

Although the installation of speed cameras has caused some to incur dozens of tickets within a short period of time, fighting these tickets could be easier than they realize. With help from an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Georgia, you may not have to pay anything at all. For more information, contact Lankford & Moore Law at your earliest convenience. We understand how frustrating a speeding ticket can be – and we can help you implement strategies to avoid unnecessary financial pressures. Book your consultation today to get started. 

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