Do You Always Have to Pay Alimony in Georgia?

Many people in Georgia never expect their marriages to end. Faced with a sudden and unexpected divorce, you might be scrambling to figure out how this legal process works. Although divorce in Georgia can affect your finances in many ways, a common area of concern is alimony – also known as “spousal support.” You might be wondering whether alimony is automatic or whether you have any control over these payments. 

Alimony is a Privilege – Not a Right

Alimony is not “automatic” in Georgia, and there is no law that gives your ex a “right” to receive support payments. However, family courts may consider the possibility of awarding alimony to certain spouses. When considering this possibility, family courts in Georgia examine various factors. Based on these factors, they may decide not to award alimony. 

You Only Have to Pay Alimony in Certain Situations

Alimony payments are only necessary if your marriage meets certain requirements. When determining your ex’s eligibility to receive alimony, Georgia considers these factors:

  • How long your marriage lasted
  • The standard of living your ex enjoyed during the marriage
  • The financial resources of each spouse
  • Whether your ex needs time to re-train and re-certify for a new career
  • Each spouse’s earning capacity
  • Each spouse’s estate
  • Each spouse’s debts

When Can I Avoid Paying Alimony in Georgia?

Based on these factors, there are several theoretical scenarios in which alimony would be unnecessary. Here are just a few examples:

  • Your Ex Inherited a Fortune: If your ex inherited a considerable sum of money from a relative, the family court would likely consider this when approaching alimony. Even if your ex doesn’t have a job, their inheritance could prevent them from receiving alimony. 
  • Your Ex Earns a Solid Income: If your ex is a relatively high earner, alimony would not make sense. If they earn the same as you, you may not need to pay alimony. If they earn more than you, alimony is almost certainly unnecessary. 
  • Your Marriage Did Not Last Very Long: If your marriage only lasted for a couple of years, family courts should not award alimony. If they do, it will likely be a relatively small sum. 

Can an Alimony Lawyer Help Me Pay Less?

An alimony lawyer can help you reduce or eliminate your alimony payments. They may expose less obvious assets held by your ex, such as trust funds or other assets they attempt to conceal. Even if alimony was awarded years ago, your lawyer can help you modify and reduce these payments after certain life changes – such as retirement. 

Work With a Qualified Alimony Lawyer in Georgia

Alimony might seem complex at first, but this concept may be much easier to understand when you discuss your situation with a lawyer. Choose Lankford & Moore Law – and work with an experienced alimony lawyer in Georgia. With our help, you can get a sense of your future alimony payments – or whether these payments are even necessary in the first place. We can also help you modify or limit these payments with effective, proven strategies. Book your consultation today to get started. 

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