Types of Speeding Tickets in Georgia

After receiving a speeding ticket in Georgia, your first step should be to determine the specifics of your infraction. Not all speeding tickets are the same in Georgia. With a more concrete understanding of the type of ticket you have received, you can fight it with greater efficacy. What are the different types of speeding tickets in Georgia, and how do you avoid paying your fines?

Speeding in a School Zone

Speeding in a school zone is a common offense in Georgia. Reduced speed limits are in effect throughout school hours. However, you might also face a speeding ticket outside of school hours in some cases. Technically speaking, you commit a traffic offense if you break the school speed limit one hour before class starts. You will also face a traffic ticket if you break the speed limit within one hour of the final bell. 

The speed limit in a school zone depends on the specific area, and it is between 10-20 mph less than the usual posted limit. Usually, this results in a speed limit of 25 miles per hour. School zones have proven controversial in Georgia due to the installation of speed traffic cameras. These cameras may automatically photograph you as soon as you drive ten mph higher than the limit within school hours. 

Driving Too Fast for the Conditions

Another common speeding offense is “driving too fast for the conditions.” Drivers should slow down when traveling under adverse conditions – such as rain, snow, fog, hail, and so on. This is perhaps the most difficult traffic offense to “prove” in court because of its subjective nature. How fast is “too fast” for the conditions in question? How much should you slow down in the rain? 

Driving Above the Posted Limit

Driving above the posted limit is the most common speeding offense in Georgia. These speeding offenses are easy to prove when traffic officers use technology like radar guns or speed cameras. 

“Super Speeder” Tickets

A “super speeder” ticket is a serious traffic violation. You may get this type of ticket if you were traveling at over 75 mph on a 2-lane road. As soon as you travel over 85 mph on any other road, you also run the risk of a super speeder ticket. 

You Can Also Get a Ticket for Driving Too Slow

Most motorists do not realize that driving too slow is also illegal. If traffic authorities see you crawling at a snail’s pace down a highway, they may also issue you a ticket. You should always match the speed of traffic to prevent collisions. 

You May Not Need to Pay Your Ticket if You Work With a Georgia Traffic Lawyer

You might not have to pay for your ticket, regardless of how serious it is. To learn more about the specifics of your speeding infraction, speak with a traffic lawyer in Georgia – like Lankford & Moore. Not only can we help you determine exactly what type of ticket you are dealing with, but we can also help you fight it in court. This process may be much easier than you realize – so get in touch today. 


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