What to Discuss With Your Spouse Before an Amicable Divorce in Georgia

Spouses who experience “amicable divorces” can count themselves lucky – but this process is not without complexity. Even though an amicable divorce is easier on many levels, spouses should still consider several important issues that must be resolved before the marriage comes to a close. If you fail to resolve these issues efficiently, an amicable divorce may suddenly become fraught with disputes. 

Discuss Child Custody

For many parents, child custody represents the most critical challenge during divorce. While spouses might agree on how to handle other issues, custody can be a source of dispute among even the most friendly exes. Before you begin your divorce in earnest, consider having a discussion about how you would like to handle child custody. Express your concerns and needs as you explore your changing roles as parents in the future. 

Keep in mind that in Georgia, most courts agree that a shared custody plan is in a child’s best interests. Therefore, you should plan to spend approximately equal amounts of time with your children going forward. If one parent has full-time work obligations, they may need to take the child on the weekends. 

You should also discuss issues related to major parenting decisions going forward. How will the child’s medical treatment be handled? How will you decide on how the child will be educated and whether they should attend private school? What will be the child’s religion, if any? These are some of the “legal custody” issues you may need to discuss. 

Talk About the Family Home

Another major source of conflict among divorcing spouses in Georgia is the family home. For most couples, this is the most valuable asset that they own. It is important to handle this property in the most financially-beneficial manner. Ideally, both spouses should have a reliable place to live after the divorce. 

Talk about the various possibilities, including selling the home, continuing to co-own the home (without living together), and having one spouse “buy out” the other spouse’s share in the property. All of these options may be beneficial under the right circumstances, and in many ways, the best approach depends on personal preference. That said, a family law attorney in Georgia can help you determine the best route forward based on tax implications and other considerations. 

Consider Spousal Support Obligations

Finally, you might want to decide how to approach the question of spousal support. While child support is mandatory, it may be possible to “opt out” of alimony. Both spouses can determine whether this truly serves their mutual best interests. 

Find a Divorce Lawyer in Georgia

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