The Dangers of Baseless Child Abuse Allegations in Georgia

If you are going to accuse your ex of child abuse, it is important to collect convincing evidence that backs up your claims. Even if your allegations are based on real events, you may encounter legal issues if you go about this the wrong way. Before moving forward with these allegations as part of a child custody battle, you might want to get in touch with an experienced family lawyer in Georgia

What Happens When You Accuse Your Ex of Child Abuse without Evidence?

Accusations of child abuse should be made through official legal processes. You can raise this issue during a custody battle or during a divorce proceeding. You might also petition to modify child custody on the basis of new evidence of child abuse. 

If you decide to accuse your ex of child abuse without going through these proper legal processes, you might encounter a number of consequences. Firstly, any accusations on social media can limit the chances of future legal success. Unsubstantiated accusations of this nature can fall under the definition of defamation, and you might be sued. You might also be accused of parental alienation. In other words, the family court may see this as an intentional, manipulative attempt to cause a rift between your child and your ex. 

Remember, Georgia family courts consider the parents’ level of cooperation when assessing a child’s best interests. If one parent is extremely uncooperative, they might experience less favorable custody outcomes. In other words, baseless, public accusations of child abuse against your ex may backfire spectacularly. 

The Importance of Gathering Evidence Effectively

In addition, public accusations may cause a child abuser to become aware of your suspicions. Once they are aware of your knowledge of the abuse, they may destroy evidence, seek legal counsel, and take additional steps to cover their tracks. Often, it is better to take a more subtle approach as you gather evidence without their knowledge. A qualified child custody attorney in Georgia can help you understand what kind of evidence you need – and they may help you gather certain supporting documentation. 

Falsely Reporting a Crime is a Criminal Offense

Finally, it is worth pointing out that falsely reporting a crime is a criminal offense in Georgia. If it eventually becomes clear that you reported child abuse while knowing perfectly well that these offenses never occurred, you will likely face criminal consequences as a result. Although a custody battle can become a passionate affair, there is no sense in breaking the law, risking your safety, and sabotaging your own chances of custody in the process. 

Find a Qualified Child Custody Lawyer in Georgia

If you have been searching for a qualified child custody lawyer in Georgia, look no further than Lankford & Moore Law. We know that you might feel tempted to vocalize your child support allegations at the soonest opportunity. However, a measured, careful approach leads to optimal results. Before making any hasty decisions, be sure to discuss the most appropriate steps during a consultation. Reach out today to get started. 


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