Traffic Ticket Errors that Can Lead to Dismissal in Georgia

If you have received a traffic ticket in Georgia, you might be aware of the fact that certain errors can work to your advantage. It is true that if there are errors on your ticket, this might give you the opportunity to have your fines dismissed. What kinds of errors might lead to this type of dismissal? There are many possibilities:

Wrong Numbers

It is all too easy to skim over the various numbers that you might find on your traffic ticket. Take a closer look, and you might find that many of these numbers are completely incorrect. One of the most obvious numbers on a traffic ticket is the date. Make sure that the date on your ticket matches the date of the alleged offense. The same logic applies to the specific time of day. Next, take a look at the numbers associated with your vehicle. Make sure both the license plate number and the registration number are correct. 

Poor Spelling

For all their redeeming qualities, police officers are not always the best at basic grammar. Review your ticket carefully and search for misspelled words. If your name was spelled incorrectly, this may form the basis for dismissal. The same logic may apply to many other aspects of your ticket, including the make/model of your vehicle, your eye color, and various additional details. 

Missing Information

In addition to misspelled words and wrong numbers, traffic tickets might also have entire missing sections. This often occurs if the officer is suddenly called to deal with another incident midway through writing your ticket. Faced with this call, the officer may hastily finish as much as they can before handing you the ticket. You might assume that you still need to pay it, but the ticket is not valid unless it is completely filled out. One of the most common missing aspects of a ticket is a signature. Both your signature and that of the officer may be necessary. 

Incorrect Legal Information

Finally, a traffic ticket may include legal mistakes. For example, an officer might cite a traffic law that does not actually exist in Georgia. They might write down a reference to a law that makes no sense in relation to your situation. Perhaps they wrote you a speeding ticket when they intended to write a parking ticket. Whatever the case may be, you might need help from a qualified traffic lawyer when trying to spot these legal mistakes. 

Find a Qualified, Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney in Georgia

Awareness of the various errors that can lead to dismissal is only the first step. Once you become aware of certain errors, you might want to get in touch with a traffic ticket attorney in Georgia. These legal professionals can help you take the next steps as you seek to have your ticket dismissed. Traffic ticket attorneys can also spot errors that you might have missed. To learn more about these possibilities, get in touch with Lankford & Moore Law today. 


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