Prison Employees Face Serious Consequences for Aiding Drug Operations

In September of 2023, it was reported that several prison employees in Georgia had been running an “inside job” – allowing and aiding a drug network that provided inmates with access to illicit substances. The full extent of this corrupt organization is not fully understood, but several prison employees are already facing the consequences. This highlights not only serious problems within Georgia’s correctional facilities but also the willingness of authorities to prosecute those involved in drug operations. 

Hundreds of Georgia Prison Employees Implicated in Drug Network

The extent of this criminal organization is staggering, with hundreds of prison employees now implicated in the network. According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, these staff members were actively smuggling contraband into the prisons that they were supposed to be guarding – receiving thousands of dollars for their efforts and profiting considerably. In some cases, they earned more from their drug operations than their paychecks. 

The people implicated include not only guards but also nurses, cooks, and even the highest-ranking overseers. An investigation found that this drug operation increased violence within the prisons and even caused additional crimes beyond the prison walls. Despite these accusations, the state argues that it is mostly the prisoners themselves that are to blame – as well as their friends and families. The state also stresses that as soon as it finds out about an alleged instance of corruption or smuggling, they remove the staff member from their position immediately. 

The scale of this problem makes that excuse fairly unconvincing. Even if they find out about certain instances of corruption, the state cannot possibly hope to respond to all smuggling staff members – especially since they number in the hundreds. In fact, one investigation found that a total of 425 prison employees had been arrested for these crimes since 2018. An additional 360 cases involved employees being fired but not arrested – suggesting that there was insufficient evidence despite strong suspicions. 

The investigation also found that in some cases, gang members apply to work in prisons specifically to facilitate smuggling operations – suggesting that they were corrupt from “day one.” Some have apparently earned millions due to their involvement in these crimes – highlighting the fact that it is difficult to resist the temptation of corruption, considering the relatively low wages of these employees. 

How Can You Defend Yourself From Charges as a Prison Guard?

Although recent reports are generating greater media buzz around this issue, statistics show that relatively few prison guards experience serious consequences due to their alleged involvement in these crimes. Some are not even prosecuted, and many experience no prison time whatsoever. Contact a criminal defense attorney today to get started with an effective defense strategy. 

Where Can I Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Georgia?

Whether you are a prison employee or an average citizen, drug distribution charges are serious. If you are facing these charges, it makes sense to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Georgia at your earliest convenience. During a consultation with Lankford & Moore Law, you can discuss your unique situation and determine the most appropriate course of legal action. Reach out today. 


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