Atlanta Ramps Up its Traffic Cameras

Traffic cameras are set to increase in Atlanta as the municipal government explores and implements numerous new initiatives. One such initiative is already underway, and it involves school zones. The other is only being suggested as of this writing, and it involves bus lanes. Both developments have the potential to cause more tickets for motorists in Atlanta. Fortunately, these drivers can work with qualified traffic law attorneys to fight their tickets and strive for the best possible results. 

School Zone Cameras Roll Out in Atlanta

On September 18, 2023, new school zone traffic cameras were officially activated throughout Atlanta. This is part of an initiative set forth by the Atlanta Public Schools system, and it aims to keep kids safer as they walk near school property. However, it’s worth noting that in the initial rollout, cameras will be installed at only 10 elementary schools. These schools were prioritized due to the high number of speeding incidents reported near the properties. 

There is no word on whether new schools will be added to the initiative in the future. However, the phrasing of the reports suggests that the 10 elementary schools represent only the initial phase of the project. It may be that additional schools are targeted in the future, including high schools. This suggests that it may be much more likely to face a traffic ticket in the future due to speeding in a school zone. Although you can check to see which specific schools have had traffic cameras installed, it makes sense to simply slow down and be wary whenever you enter a school zone. 

Traffic Cameras Could Target Cars in Bus Lanes

In other news, Atlanta is also planning to install traffic cameras to watch bus lanes. MARTA has expressed the desire to use traffic cameras to identify and ticket cars that venture into these bus lanes. This has proven to be a major concern, as apparently, many cars simply disregard the bus lanes and travel through them at will. However, MARTA is simultaneously struggling with a lack of spending transparency and an upcoming audit. Many claim that spending programs such as this are questionable expenditures of taxpayer money. This is another example of no-bid contracting, which some say is less accountable to taxpayers. 

Where Can I Find a Traffic Law Attorney in Georgia?

If you have been issued a traffic ticket via a traffic camera in Atlanta, you may want to explore your options alongside an experienced traffic law attorney in Georgia. Choose Lankford & Moore Law today and book a consultation at your earliest convenience. During this initial meeting, you can determine the most appropriate course of action. Remember, contesting your ticket may be easier than you think, and it could help you avoid serious consequences like license suspensions. 


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