What are the Consequences of Stalling Tactics During a Georgia Divorce?


Georgia spouses may engage in stalling tactics for many reasons. Some do it out of spite, wishing to inflict the maximum amount of stress on their exes while drawing out the divorce process as long as possible. Others engage in stalling tactics because they are in a state of denial, and they may believe that if they prevent the divorce process from reaching its natural conclusion, they may somehow save the marriage at the last possible moment. Others still engage in these tactics in order to pursue some kind of financial advantage. But what are the consequences of this behavior in Georgia?


Financial consequences or “sanctions” may be issued to spouses who engage in stalling tactics. One possibility is that your spouse may be ordered to pay your legal fees if they are impeding the process of the divorce and dragging it out to an unreasonable degree. Sanctions may also take the form of fines, and these fines may have nothing to do with your legal fees or any other aspect of your divorce. Judges may issue fines at their own discretion based on what they think is appropriate. Often, the mere threat of these financial sanctions is enough to convince spouses to quit stalling. Finally, these sanctions may also include the payment of child support or alimony until the divorce is finalized. 

On August 11, 2023, it was reported that Kevin Costner had asked a judge to sanction his estranged wife for allegedly stalling their divorce. He accused his ex of “gamesmanship,” pointing out that she outright refused to answer questions during the pre-trial discovery phase of a prenuptial agreement trial. One of these basic questions was why she was choosing to contest the prenuptial agreement in the first place. Since she isn’t providing a reason for contesting the agreement, Costner and his legal team cannot formulate an effective defense strategy. 

Costner is not asking for a considerable sum of money, he is asking for about $14,000 to cover his legal fees. Essentially, he is asking her to pay for the time she is wasting. For a couple who is splitting a fortune rumored to be worth over $400 million, this is a small amount of money. For a less affluent couple, however, a bill of $14,000 may be significant. This is why it is always a good idea to avoid stalling tactics, whether you are wealthy or dealing with financial limitations. 

Where Can I Find an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Georgia?

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