Unbelievable Divorce Stories From Around the World

There are very few divorces that can truly be considered “normal.” After all, marriages are not supposed to end – they’re supposed to continue until death. That being said, some divorces are clearly stranger than others, and a recent slew of stories from around the globe highlights this fact. If you think your divorce is strange, wait until you hear these reports.

Pro Soccer Player’s Wife Discovers the Terrible Truth After Filing for Divorce

One of the biggest soccer teams in the world is Paris Saint-Germain, and to say that their players are well-paid would be a bit of an understatement. These are some of the richest athletes on the planet – and they are bankrolled by essentially the entire nation (and royal family) of Qatar. One of their defenders is none other than Achraf Hakimi, and this individual is going through a divorce. 

After an alleged sexual assault, his Spanish wife decided to file for divorce – and she assumed that she would also walk away with a sizable chunk of the fortune. But to her dismay, she discovered that Hakimi’s entire wealth was registered in his mother’s name. According to media reports, Hakimi legally owns nothing. Even his salary goes straight to his mother. The system is deceptively simple but highly effective. His mother simply purchases anything he wants and gives it to him. It remains to be seen how the courts will approach this situation. 

Man Secretly Has Two Families 

On April 15th, the Daily Mail reported that a British stockbroker had secretly started two different families. His daughter only uncovered the secret family in adulthood. Even more bizarrely, his daughter discovered that he had given his other daughter in the second family the exact same name as her. They were both named Georgia. His second family was never official, as he had promised that he would divorce his first wife but never actually followed through with it. 

Lawyer Tries to Blackmail Wife into Signing Divorce Settlement

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, a lawyer has admitted that he blackmailed an innocent woman into signing a divorce settlement when she had previously refused. This same attorney was also caught cheating on his legal exam. Essentially, the lawyer had threatened to report her to the immigration attorneys, as her residency in New Zealand was precarious, to say the least. Fortunately, the woman did the right thing and reported the misconduct rather than going along with the blackmail. 

Where Can I Find a Qualified Divorce Attorney in Georgia?

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