How Slipping Grades Affect Custody in Georgia


No parent wants to see their child struggle in school. We all understand how frustrating it can be for the entire family when a child is not performing well. As grades slip, parents start to wonder how this might affect their future career opportunities, their overall happiness, and their financial security in later life. Unfortunately, there is something else you need to worry about if you are a single parent after a divorce, as slipping grades could affect custody. But how is this possible? Let’s find out:

When Do Judges Consider a Child’s Educational Situation During Custody Battles?

In Georgia, the term “education” is mentioned several times in the list of factors pertaining to a child’s best interests in Georgia. Here are the two most notable factors:

“Each parent’s involvement, or lack thereof, in the child’s educational, social, and extracurricular activities.”


“The home, school, and community record and history of the child, as well as any health or educational special needs of the child.”

This suggests two things: First of all, you are expected to be involved in your child’s education to a certain extent. That does not mean that you need to become their personal tutor or attend every sports game or parent-teacher conference. It does mean that you need to be somewhat involved. Perhaps you might help your student study for the big test or set them up with a quiet workspace for homework. 

Secondly, your student’s “record and history” at school matter. This includes not only grades but also attendance records. If your student’s grades start slipping at school, the judge may see this as a sign that their custody situation is not in their best interests. Perhaps more importantly, a judge may be very concerned when they see that they are missing many days of school.

How can this affect your ability to spend time with your children? The poor academic records must be linked with the time the child spends at your household. For example, if your child was studying for a test while staying at your residence and they failed, it could reflect badly on your abilities as a parent. It is even more concerning when children miss many days of school while staying with you – especially if these attendance records are much better when your child is staying with your ex. 

The Link Between Divorce and Poor Grades

Many studies have confirmed that children who go through divorce may struggle with poor grades. They may also be more susceptible to “acting out” and other behavioral problems. So in many ways, poor grades may be somewhat unavoidable – especially when you consider the psychological and emotional turmoil your child may be going through. 

Where Can I Find a Qualified Family Law Attorney in Georgia?

Lankford & Moore Law is standing by to assist you with all family-law-related issues, including custody battles in Georgia. The truth is that many factors may affect custody in Georgia, and your child’s academic performance is only one example. It makes sense to take all of these factors into account as you move forward with a solid legal strategy. Book your consultation today to discuss your unique family simulation and receive targeted legal advice. 


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