How Does Winning Millions of Dollars Affect Divorce in Georgia?


What if you suddenly won millions of dollars after discovering that you purchased a winning lottery ticket? What if you suddenly made millions after a smart investment? How would that affect your marriage? Would it push you towards divorce? Would you suddenly feel like you wanted to say goodbye to your spouse and look for someone new? Everyone might have a slightly different answer to this question. But a new Swedish study shows that men and women tend to have different views on this subject. 

Women are More Likely to Pursue Divorce After Winning the Lottery

The data from this Swedish study shows that when women win the lottery, they become twice as likely to pursue divorce. Men, on the other hand, show the exact opposite trend – becoming almost 50% less likely to pursue divorce. Even more interestingly, unmarried men who win the lottery become 30% more likely to get married within the next five years. This study aimed to analyze the effects of “wealth shocks” on marriage. The lottery winners in this study won about $100,000, which is a surprisingly low number considering the levels of inflation we have seen over the past few years. This relatively small sum obviously has the potential to change winners’ views on marriage significantly. 

So why is this?

According to the researchers behind this study:

“Intuitively, a lottery win may give a discontent wife economic opportunity to leave the marriage, while men use the prize money in a way that increases the gains from marriage.”

Obviously, this is just a guess from the researchers, but it does seem to make sense. Women often feel like they are stuck in marriages because they cannot afford lawyers. Men, on the other hand, may feel more secure in their marriages after winning the lottery, preferring to consolidate this sense of security and “lock down” their relationships. Remember, money represents one of the leading causes of arguments that end in divorce. 

How Would a Lottery Win Affect a Divorce in Georgia?

In Georgia, lottery winnings are considered marital property. This means that your winnings must be divided according to the equitable distribution process. In other words, you are likely to lose roughly half of your lottery winnings to your spouse. For women who want to use these funds solely for divorce, this might not matter much. From a prize of $100,000, a sum of $50,000 is more than enough to hire a skilled divorce lawyer. For men who want to use as much of this money as possible, however, it might make more sense to maintain the marriage and enjoy continued access to the full $100,000 (or whatever the sum might be). This could be one of the reasons behind the gender differences shown in the study. 

Where Can I Find a Qualified Divorce Attorney in Georgia?

Georgia divorces might be easier to obtain than you think. A quick call to Lankford & Moore Law can get you started with a solid action plan. Whether you have recently won the lottery or you are struggling financially, every spouse deserves the option to end their marriage if it is not working out. Book your consultation today, and we can assess your unique situation before recommending the best course of action. 


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