Georgia Could Detect Noisy Cars Soon


You have heard about speed cameras on Georgia’s roads, but what about special microphones that measure the amount of sound coming out of vehicles? Although it might sound ridiculous, our roads could soon be filled with these devices. The goal is to cut down on noisy vehicles with loud mufflers, music, and other sounds deemed to be a nuisance to the public. But how would this system work? Could you really get a ticket from a noise sensor? What kind of penalties could you face? Let’s find out:

What are Noise Detection Cameras?

A noise detection camera measures the number of decibels emanating from your vehicle. At the same time, these devices can take a snapshot of your vehicle and your license plate. It is exactly the same concept as a speeding camera – although the camera is triggered by noise rather than velocities. Once it takes a picture of your vehicle, the noise detection camera automatically mails a ticket to your home. 

Will Georgia Really Add These Devices to Our Roads?

As of this writing, lawmakers are still debating whether they will add these noise-detection cameras to our roads. Proponents of the devices say that they will reduce the workloads of police officers, allowing them to focus on more important matters than noisy mufflers and loud music. However, city municipalities like Atlanta are currently forbidden from using these devices under state law. Because of this, Georgia’s traffic laws must be seriously altered in order to allow cities to install these cameras on a wide scale.

For drivers, this is yet another headache in the near-constant fight against cameras of all types. There was already considerable controversy surrounding the use of speeding cameras in school zones, and most of these cameras were eventually removed due to public pressure. Inevitably, these machines will make mistakes from time to time if they are ever installed. For example, a machine might issue a ticket to a vehicle for simply having an engine blowout – which is clearly no one’s fault. Issues like these will require drivers to fight their tickets in court, as it is relatively easy to beat a traffic violation with the right attorney. Georgia is also debating whether to have all policing agencies put body cams on their officers. 

Where Can I Find a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Georgia?

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