The Consequences of Losing Your Driver’s License in Georgia

Losing your driver’s license can have a very profound impact on your life in the state of Georgia. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you face a traffic ticket. Even a minor offense like a broken tail light can put points on your license. Get too many points, and your license will be taken away. If you are currently driving around with a significant number of points on your license, a tiny mistake could change the way you live your life. Even if your license is completely clean, it makes sense to avoid getting any points at all costs. These points have a tendency to accumulate faster than you realize. So what are the consequences of losing your license in Georgia, and how can you avoid this situation?

You Could Lose Your Job

Many people in Georgia drive for a living. This includes bus drivers, truckers, taxi drivers, delivery drivers, and many others. Losing your license is not just an inconvenience if you drive for a living – it can also bring your income to a grinding halt. Many employers will fire employees who lose their licenses, such as trucking companies or bus companies. On October 3rd, it was reported that the Macon-Gibb Transit Authority in Georgia was creating a stricter driving policy after a serious crash involving a log truck

This crash resulted in the hospitalization of several people. Under its new policy, a single traffic violation will result in a five-day suspension without pay for bus drivers. A second violation could result in termination. Any driver who has been charged with a DUI within the past three years cannot be employed by the Macon-Gibb Transit Authority. This is just one example of how a simple traffic violation can result in serious career consequences. In some situations, you may be able to keep your job by proving that the traffic violation was not your fault. 

Family Commitments

Losing your license may also mean sacrificing certain family commitments, such as visiting your children, taking your kids to soccer practice, or checking in with your senior family members. These sacrifices can have a drastic effect on your life, robbing you of important memories and causing rifts between family members. In addition, you may find that you have fewer romantic prospects, as many individuals like to date individuals who can drive. Access to a car and a valid driving license is often associated with being a responsible, reliable adult. 

How to Avoid Losing Your License in Georgia

The easiest way to avoid losing your license in Georgia is to get in touch with a qualified, experienced traffic law firm such as Lankford & Moore Law. These legal professionals can fight your tickets and keep your license clean. Disputing your ticket may be much easier than you think, and your traffic offense lawyer can identify mistakes and inconsistencies that make your ticket invalid. And as you have seen, keeping your license should always be a top priority. Book your consultation today and fight your traffic tickets. 

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