Can I Stop My Child From Undergoing Gender Reaffirming Surgery in Georgia?

Gender reaffirming surgery has become something of a mainstream concept in the United States today, with many minors undergoing these surgeries before they reach the age of 18. This obviously has implications for the parents, who serve as the legal guardians of these minors and have decision-making authority over medical choices. But what happens if parents disagree on whether their children should go through with these procedures? What if you are divorced, and you wish to stop your child from taking this step?

If you find yourself in this situation, it might be time to get in touch with an experienced family law attorney in Georgia. Our legal professionals can help you learn more about how family law might impact your situation. We can guide you toward a positive outcome. Internet research is a solid first step, but a face-to-face consultation is the only way to develop an effective action plan based on your unique situation. 

Georgia Requires Parental Consent

First of all, you should know that in all states, parental consent is required for children who wish to receive transgender treatment. That being said, it may be easier or more difficult to receive this treatment, depending on which state parents find themselves in. States like California are famously lenient when it comes to obtaining consent, while other states may be stricter when it comes to this life-altering decision.

If you are still married, both parents must agree on this decision before the child can receive the treatment. This is because when parents are married, each has equal authority when it comes to legal custody. Legal custody represents the parent’s right to make important decisions about their child’s upbringing, including education, medical treatment, religion, and so on. 

If You are Divorced

Things may get slightly more complex if you are divorced. Parents who are no longer together are often granted shared legal custody by the family court in Georgia – even if physical custody is not shared. This means that even though the children might live primarily with one parent, that doesn’t mean this parent automatically gets to make important decisions without their ex’s input. 

If divorced parents disagree on decisions such as gender-reaffirming surgery, legal action may be necessary to determine which parent should have the right to decide. The goal is then to prove that a particular course of action – either getting the surgery or not – is in the child’s best interests. 

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