Why is a No-Fault Divorce Better in Georgia?

Georgia is often referred to as a “mixed” or “no-fault” state, which means that divorcing spouses can choose between either a no-fault divorce or a fault-based divorce. Almost inevitably, the vast majority of spouses in Georgia end up choosing no-fault divorces. But why is this option so popular? What kind of advantages come with a no-fault divorce, and why might you want to choose this option if you find yourself heading for divorce?


The answers are not always clear. Each divorce is different, so internet research alone may not be able to provide you with targeted answers. The only way to make an informed decision is to get in touch with a divorce attorney in Georgia. Our legal professionals can help you strive for the best possible results with an effective action plan. During your consultation, our lawyers can assess your unique situation and determine the best route forward. It is best to book your consultation as soon as you know your marriage is heading for divorce.


A No-Fault Divorce is Quicker


One of the most important benefits of a no-fault divorce in Georgia is the fact that the entire process can be resolved relatively quickly. Why? Because you do not really have to “prove” anything. While a fault-based divorce requires you to show the court that your spouse committed some kind of misconduct or they have become incapacitated, a no-fault divorce can move ahead without this additional step. All you really need to do is tell the court that you are filing for divorce based on “irreconcilable differences,” and that’s that. For the record, “irreconcilable differences” simply means that you cannot get along with your spouse. 


A No-Fault Divorce is Less Stressful


A no-fault divorce is also inherently less stressful because there is no need to point the finger and play the “blame game.” Instead, you simply accept that the marriage is not working and move on. This can significantly reduce emotional harm throughout the entire family. When accusations are leveled by both spouses, bitterness and resentment can fester and remain for years after the divorce has been filed. These negative feelings can spill over into any children involved in the marriage, causing lasting rifts that may never heal. As a general rule, you always want to limit stress whenever possible in a divorce. 


No-Fault Divorces are Cheaper


Last but certainly not least, no-fault divorces are significantly cheaper than no-fault divorces. The reason for this is quite simple: The less time you spend on your divorce, the less money you spend. Remember, lawyers don’t come cheap – and they get more expensive the longer your divorce drags on. In the end, it is usually in everyone’s best interests to wrap up the divorce as quickly as possible. 


Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today


If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced divorce attorney in Georgia, look no further than Lankford & Moore Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous spouses in the Georgia area as they strive for the best possible results. We know that major decisions can be daunting as your marriage comes to an end, and we are here to help you move forward with confidence. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan. 

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