Why is Georgia’s Divorce Rate Higher Than the National Average?

According to the statistics, Georgia’s divorce rate is higher than the national average. But why is that? Why do more people get divorce in Georgia than many other states? Perhaps you have witnessed the divorce of a family member firsthand. Maybe you yourself are going through a divorce. You might have had multiple divorces in the past. The truth is that just like the relationships themselves, the root cause of divorce rates can be complicated.

If you are heading for divorce, there is no use in poring over the statistics. You need to take action, and the best way to do that is to get in touch with a divorce attorney. After booking a consultation with a qualified legal professional in Georgia, you can approach the situation with confidence. It is best to book your consultation as soon as you know your marriage is heading for divorce. 

Georgia’s Surprising Divorce Statistics

In Georgia, divorce statistics are slightly higher than the national average. According to one study, 11.2% of all adults in Georgia are divorced. In contrast, 10.8% of all adults across the entire nation are divorced. In addition, 2.8% of all adults in Georgia are separated. In contrast, 1.8% of adults across the nation are separated. 

Why is Georgia’s Divorce Rate Higher Than the National Average?

You might be wondering why Georgia’s divorce rates are higher than the national average, and this really is the million–dollar question. To find the answer, we must first consider the root causes of divorce in general. Studies have found that the most common reasons for divorce are:

  • Incompatibility
  • Infidelity
  • Money issues

It seems unreasonable to suggest that Georgia has unique factors that make people less compatible and prone to infidelity. But what about money issues? Is Georgia’s economy causing higher rates of divorce?

According to the official statistics, Georgia is ranked 15th in terms of its overall economy. This means that it is one of the most financially-secure states in the entire nation. Sure, it is not at the top of the list – but it is certainly nowhere near the bottom, either. It also has the eighth-highest GDP (although California leads the race by a long way). However, California’s divorce rate is lower than the national average at 9.3%, suggesting that states with better economies may in fact create more stable marriages. 

The truth is that we just do not know what causes higher rates of divorce in individual states like Georgia. Each situation is slightly different, which is exactly why you need a qualified attorney who can provide personalized legal guidance. 

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