How Long Does Alimony Last in Georgia?

If you are going through a divorce in Georgia, you might be wondering how long alimony will last. This is an important concern for both “paying” and “receiving” spouses. Paying spouses may be worried about the financial impact of the divorce, and they may be concerned that alimony will last too long. This can create a considerable burden after the marriage comes to an end. In contrast, receiving spouses may be worried about the possibility of receiving too little, and they may be concerned that the alimony will not last long enough. Fortunately, Georgia follows a few basic guidelines when it comes to alimony, and these guidelines allow you to estimate how long your alimony will last. 

That being said, each divorce is different, and the length of alimony can depend on a number of unique factors. Because of this, it is best to book a consultation with a qualified, experienced divorce attorney in Georgia. When you speak with one of these legal professionals, you can start to figure out how long your alimony might last. While internet research is a positive starting point, you need targeted, personalized legal advice to move forward in an efficient, confident manner. 

The Length of Alimony Depends on the Length of the Marriage

The general rule of thumb is simple — the longer the marriage, the longer the alimony. If your marriage lasted only a few years, your alimony probably will not last very long, either. In fact, if your marriage was short enough, alimony may not be required whatsoever. If your marriage lasted for a few decades, you can expect alimony payments that last long into the future. If you are quite elderly and you have been married for the vast majority of your life, alimony may even be permanent. 

Although each situation is different, you can figure out how long your alimony will last by using a basic formula. For every three years of marriage, you can expect one year of alimony. For example, a marriage that lasts 10 years may involve alimony payments that last three or four years. In addition, you should know that permanent alimony is actually quite rare in Georgia. 

Lump-Sum Payments

Of course, it may be possible to receive a single, lump-sum alimony payment rather than monthly or yearly installments. In this situation, alimony would have no duration. This may be preferable for spouses who want to deal with their alimony problem quickly without the hassle of making regular payments.


You should also know that adultery can have an impact on Alimony in Georgia, as guilty spouses may lose the ability to receive alimony. In other cases, they may have their alimony payments reduced significantly. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced family law attorney in Georgia, look no further than Lankford & Moore. Whether you are receiving or paying alimony, we can help you plan your future effectively and figure out how long your alimony will last. Better yet, we can help make your alimony situation more reasonable and manageable over the next few years. Book your consultation today to explore these possibilities in greater detail.

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