How Easy is it to Adopt a Child in Georgia?

For many prospective parents, adoption is a clear and obvious choice. Parents may have many reasons for choosing adoption. Perhaps they are unable to conceive, or maybe they simply want to make a positive choice for the community by providing a child with a loving home. Whatever the case may be, there are many legal considerations to take into account when adopting a child in Georgia, and you need to be aware of these potential challenges as you move forward. 

Generally speaking, you will need a qualified attorney in order to successfully adopt a child in Georgia. These legal professionals will guide you through the entire process, help you avoid many common mistakes, and reduce any unwanted delays. It makes sense to work with an attorney who has experience with the adoption process in Georgia, especially when you consider this state’s unique challenges for parents who want to adopt. 

Georgia’s Adoption Laws are Getting Better

One of Georgia’s most notable adoption laws involves a four-day waiting period after the adoption process has been resolved. During this period, the biological mother of the child can legally change her mind and keep her child. This is one of the many reasons parents often choose to travel outside of Georgia in order to adopt a child, since the state’s laws are seen as outdated by many critics. 

However, this four-day waiting period is actually better than it was prior to 2018. Before the passing of a House bill, the waiting period was actually 10 days long instead of four. This House bill also allowed individuals to adopt children in Georgia even if they have lived in the state for less than six months, which was a previous restriction. 

In 2021, House Bill 154 was passed. This new bill further eased restrictions on adopting parents, reducing the minimum age of an adopting parent from 25 to 21. It also increased a tax credit for families who adopt children from the foster care system. As you can see, Georgia has been steadily updating its adoption laws over the years, and these laws are no longer seen as outdated and archaic by many observers. 

Adoption is Still a Demanding Process

While Georgia has definitely made it easier for parents to adopt children, this is still a demanding process that requires plenty of care and attention. Criminal records checks, home safety checks, medical examinations, references, drug screenings, and special training sessions are just a few of the many necessary requirements before you can adopt a child. 

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