Georgia Toughens its Stance on Distracted Drivers




Georgia takes distracted driving seriously, and you might face tough penalties if you are charged with this crime. As of 2021, penalties for this traffic offense are even tougher than they once were thanks to a new ruling by the Georgia House. Previously, there was a “loophole” that allowed Georgia residents to avoid significant penalties if it was their first offense. Now that this loophole has been eliminated, you can expect to face the full weight of the law if you are charged with distracted driving.


Because distracted driving is such a serious traffic offense in Georgia, it makes sense to consult with an experienced attorney if you are facing significant penalties. With the right approach, you can avoid unnecessary legal consequences, even without the aforementioned loophole in place. It is best to enlist the help of a skilled defense attorney who specializes specifically in traffic violations. We can help you fight for justice. 


What Has Changed With Georgia’s Distracted Driving Laws?


In March of 2021, it was reported that Georgia had made changes to its distracted driving laws. Essentially, the state went back on earlier reforms and eliminated a loophole that allowed first offenders to avoid penalties. This earlier loophole was part of the Hands-Free Georgia Act, which bans drivers from using cellphones and other wireless devices while they are behind the wheel. Fortunately for many drivers, the provision also allowed drivers to avoid penalties for their first offense by simply bringing a receipt for a hands-free device to court. 


It is unknown how many people have taken advantage of this provision over the last three years, but some reports suggest that thousands of drivers used it in Atlanta alone. Now that this provision is eliminated, first-time offenders will have no choice but to face the full extent of the law without any “get out of jail” card. The Georgia House also tweaked the fines involved, creating a flat $50 fine for first offenses. Previously, judges could set the fine at a lower amount. 


Can I Still Avoid Fines for Distracted Driving?


If you are facing a distracted driving offense, you may be wondering whether you can still avoid fines and legal penalties. There are a number of additional strategies you can utilize to avoid paying these fines. For example, you can search for errors in your ticket. Perhaps the police officer wrote down the wrong license plate number, or the wrong date on your ticket. Sometimes police officers do not even show up to the court to act as witnesses, which often results in your case being dismissed. With all that said, an experienced attorney can probably help you fight your ticket in the best possible manner. 


Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today


If you have been searching Georgia for a qualified, experienced defense attorney who can help you with your distracted driving charge, reach out to Lankford & Moore Law at your earliest experience. Thanks to a wealth of experience with traffic violations, we can help you avoid unnecessary penalties and legal consequences. We are well aware of the recent changes to Georgia law, and we can help you approach the legal system in the most efficient way possible. Reach out today, and we can develop an action plan together. 

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