Why Georgia is One of the Worst States for Traffic Tickets

If you live in Georgia, you probably already know that the Peach State is one of the worst places in the entire nation for traffic tickets. Along with a handful of other states, Georgia allows first-time offenders to be charged with insanely high fines. In many cases, first-time offenders are faced with fines of $1000 or more. While this is certainly a source of considerable frustration for drivers in Georgia, it does not seem like it is going away anytime soon. 

Because of the massive fines that are common in this state, it may be worth getting help from a qualified attorney who has experience with traffic offenses. These legal experts can use a number of different strategies to help you walk away with a lower fine. In some cases, they may help you eliminate your ticket altogether. Getting help from a qualified attorney becomes worth the effort if you are dealing with extremely high traffic fines, which is common in Georgia. 

Georgia’s Approach to First Offenses

Georgia is among just five states that allow judges to levy fines up to $1,000 for a first traffic offense. Of course, this is at the judge’s discretion, and such fines are usually only issued to motorists who show willful negligence and recklessness. However, Georgia also went one step further and enacted “Super Speeder” regulations. For serious speeding offenses, judges can issue additional fines of up to $200. This means that the worst possible traffic ticket you can get in Georgia is $1,200. 

There is Controversy Surrounding “Ticket Traps”

Certain rural areas in Georgia are becoming known around the state as “ticket traps,” and this is causing considerable controversy. Statistics show that some municipalities receive considerable income from traffic tickets. For example, Jonesboro’s revenue from traffic citations has tripled since 2012. 

While it is true that speeding drivers are technically breaking the law, there is public outcry about the sheer amount of tickets being issued across Georgia. Many people feel as though they are being taken advantage of. Police departments have started to become more transparent, and new regulations state that only 35% of their budget can come from speeding tickets (down from 40%). 

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

An experienced attorney can help you deal with your traffic ticket in a number of different ways. Simply by appealing your ticket in an efficient manner, your lawyer can help you pay a much lower fine. In certain situations, they can also help you walk away from your ticket altogether. For example, tickets are invalid if the traffic authority makes any error. Even a small mistake like an incorrect license number or date can make the ticket null and void. An attorney can carefully analyze your ticket and search for these errors. 

Get Help From an Experienced Attorney Today

If you are faced with a traffic ticket in Georgia and you are searching for a solution, reach out to Lankford & Moore Law today. We are experienced when it comes to traffic offenses, and we understand the stress that these situations can cause. With a legal expert by your side, dealing with expensive tickets might be easier than you think. 

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