Things to Avoid When Declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Georgia

When declaring Bankruptcy in Georgia, it is important to get everything right. While it is true that bankruptcy can be an effective option for dealing with debt and wiping your slate clean, it can also backfire if you are not careful. Remember, bankruptcy is a legal process that follows strict guidelines and protocols. Fail to adhere to these guidelines, and you could face legal consequences. 


If you want to handle your bankruptcy in the most efficient manner possible, it is always best to team up with a qualified attorney. That being said, you will benefit from learning a little more about bankruptcies before you even approach an attorney. Become aware of these common mistakes when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia, and you make this financial decision go as smoothly as possible.


  • Not Communicating Properly With Your Attorney


Your attorney should be the one person that you trust during this period. If you keep certain information from them, your bankruptcy can go wrong very quickly. Professional attorneys will never judge you or make you feel ashamed for your financial situation. Share all of the details with them, and they will be better equipped to help you. 


A common mistake is not notifying your attorney after you have received a collection notice or action from your creditors. If you simply try to ignore this, the creditor can garnish your wages and take other action against you. Let your attorney know what’s going on, and they can stop this from happening. 


  • Not Being Open About Your Legal Situation to the Court


When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia, you are expected to be completely open and transparent with the court. This is known as “full disclosure.” If you provide detailed information, you may face legal action later on. A common mistake is failing to list all of your creditors, or failing to list all of your assets. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can outsmart Georgia courts on your own. They will find out, and you will face consequences. Speak to your attorney before making any decisions. 


  • Filing Bankruptcy at the Wrong Time


Timing is important when it comes to bankruptcies. If you want to ensure that your pre-filing transaction history provides the optimal basis for bankruptcy, speak with an attorney first. These legal professionals can help you choose the right time to file so that you are putting yourself in the best possible position. Filing at the right time can help you avoid wage garnishment or even the sale of your home. 


  • Unusual Activities During Bankruptcy


Try to keep your financial activities as “normal” as possible during your bankruptcies. Unusual transactions or payments will draw the attention of the bankruptcy court. Pay your bills normally, and try not to pay off any debts in full without consulting with your attorney first. In addition, you should not try to engage in any fraudulent behavior, such as selling your $4,000 car to your uncle for $1. The courts will see through this ploy, and you will face legal action. 


  • Not Choosing an Attorney with Experience

It is always a good idea to team up with an attorney who actually has experience with bankruptcies. If you want to make your Chapter 7 bankruptcy go as smoothly as possible, reach out to Lankford & Moore Law today.

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