Financial Apps can Help You Budget and Save

If you are considering bankruptcy, or simply are feeling financially challenged, there are some apps available to smartphone users that can help you budget and create a financial plan. During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, many people find themselves in a completely different financial situation than they did even just a few months previously. If you feel you are financially challenged and need to find solutions, consider the following apps that may help you achieve better financial security during this unprecedented time. 




Before you have money, you have to create a budget. There are several different budgeting apps that exist, including HomeBudget. These apps typically allow you to enter in your monthly or weekly expenses and then track your spending as you go throughout the month. Having a firm grasp of your finances is critical in order to ensure financial freedom and eventual wealth. 




One of most popular and powerful financial apps right now is Mint. This app syncs a person’s savings, checking and investment accounts along with all credit cards and loans. This will give a person a complete snapshot of their financial health and worth in easy-to-see graphs. Budgets can easily be established, and there are ways to actually set financial goals. 


Credit Karma 


One of the most important things you can do is to check your credit score and FICO score periodically. Credit Karma allows you to continuously check your credit scores in real-time and keep constant tabs on your credit health and financial scores. This is incredibly important because you can then immediately address any potential instances of fraud as they occur. 




If you begin to develop a solid financial foundation, you may want to actually consider investing at some point. While many people feel that investing is overwhelming, the Acorns app allows people with little to no investing experience to “micro-invest” on their platform. This app can help people invest, earn, and save for their futures. 




Along with micro-investing, you may want to consider micro-saving. The app Qapital will allow users to “round up” their purchases to the nearest dollar and then place that extra amount into a savings account. This can help people work towards long-term savings goals. Over time, a person can save a substantial amount of money that can be used in emergencies or for something that they have needed to save for over a long period of time. 


Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney Today 


Unfortunately, apps alone can not save certain situations and remedy all existing financial challenges if they are at the point of crisis. If you find yourself struggling financially and considering filing for bankruptcy, you have many options. Different types of bankruptcy exist, and one may be more beneficial than another given your unique financial circumstances. We would welcome the opportunity to help you gain a financial fresh start through bankruptcy. Contact our experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law to help you with your next steps. 

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