Back on Track After a DUI Conviction

If you are facing a Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol (DUI) conviction, you may feel overwhelmed and that your life will never be back to normal. The first thing you should do if you have been arrested and charged with a DUI is to visit with an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that all of your legal rights are protected through the entire process. If you are considering what your life will look like following a DUI conviction, the truth is that it is better to have the charges dropped or have the charges reduced prior to conviction. A criminal defense attorney can help visit with you regarding how you can build a strong defense and protect your rights. If you are wondering what your life will be like after a DUI conviction, just know that you can rebuild your life after your sentence or fine, if you follow these steps. 


Is this your first DUI arrest? If you are anxious about receiving jail time, this may not be your first offense. Perhaps you should take some time to consider whether or not you may have a true substance abuse problem. In some circumstances, a DUI is merely the symptom of a drug or alcohol problem. Consider visiting an in or out-patient facility to get the help you need. 

Professional Therapy

If you do not have the time, resources, or inclination to go to a rehabilitation center, you should at least consider whether or not a professional therapist, pastor or the group Alcoholics Anonymous may help you with any of your possible addiction issues. 

Ignition Interlock Device

Courts may mandate that a DUI offender place an ignition interlock device on their vehicle which requires that the driver breathes into the machine to determine if the person has alcohol on their breath. These small devices actually reduce DUI arrest rates by 70%. Perhaps if you struggle with alcohol, you could consider leaving the device attached to your steering wheel even after it is no longer legally required for you to do so. 

Find New Interests and New Friends

If your network of family and friends, or activities in which you participated lent themselves to drug or alcohol abuse, it is now time to reevaluate your circle of friends and your interests and pastimes. Consider what the healthiest version of you actually looks like, and then seek out those who have similar goals, dreams, and ambitions. Building a strong network of friends and family members that support your decision to refrain from alcohol and drug use will help ensure that you never receive another DUI in the future. 

Contact a DUI Attorney 

If you are facing a DUI charge, you should immediately contact our law firm to visit with an experienced DUI attorney at Lankford & Moore Law today. We will work hard to ensure your legal rights are protected and help you build a strong criminal defense case against your DUI charges. 

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