Father’s Rights and Child Custody

In most divorce cases, child custody becomes a rather pressing issue, and more often than not, these cases are judged in the favor of the mother. However, a lot of fathers are also concerned about their rights as a parent and their chances of getting custody of their children. The Georgia judiciary has been trying to more fairly balance this process in order to benefit the children involved. The idea is that in splitting parenting responsibilities and time creates a fairer and healthier environment for the children’s development.  

Father’s Rights in Georgia

Today, Georgia courts rule in such a way that both parents share equal chances of being granted child custody. The courts will decide this issue while considering a number of different factors specific to each case. What happens to the father in these situations? What are some of the rights that are secured for the father? Here are some of important considerations:

  • If the father is emotionally attached to the child, he has the right to maintain that bond even after the divorce. This actually acts as an advantage in the perspective of the court. 
  • Working fathers are often concerned about the amount of time they can dedicate to their children. However, in all fairness, they can divide their time between work and their commitments towards their children just like a working mother can. The Georgia judiciary also recognizes this as a matter of balance of time for the fathers. 
  • If the father can establish his emotional, financial, and physical stability, the court will likely trust him to be able to take care of the children. They value his interests as a father. 
  • Sometimes, the mother is found to be physically or mentally abusive to the child. In that case, if the father can prove his stability in this regard, he has an advantage in the custody battle for the child. 

These are some cases in which the father’s rights are upheld and he may be favored by the courts in the custody battle. 

How do You Increase Your Chances of Getting Child Custody?

While it has been seen to be a general trend for the courts to favor the mother in child custody battles, the father can take some steps to ensure the playing field is level: 

  • If the father has a strong relationship with the child, he has better chances of gaining custody. 
  • Staying involved in the kids’ lives is an advantageous point for fathers. This would include attending school events, meetings, taking an interest in their extracurricular activities and the like. 
  • Creating a home that your children like to stay in could place you at a position of advantage, even if the home is a new one. 
  • During the course of the divorce and afterward, respecting the children’s other parent is important. This creates a more stable family environment.

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