Common Mistakes People Make When Facing Criminal Charges

Arrest and criminal charges can be deeply frightening events. All of a sudden, your reputation is at risk, your job, and even your family. It is common for people to panic in this situation, but not acting appropriately can make the situation you are already in much worse. Below are common mistakes that people often make after getting in trouble, even though they may actually be innocent: 

  • Talking to police without the assistance of a lawyer: When you are arrested, you know that you are in trouble and that the police are in power. The police instinctively try to calm you down and will ask you talk to them about the problem or incident and make it easier for you to stay try to stay out of trouble. The police may be able to deceive the suspect during the interview. Anything you confess to can be used as evidence against you and can weaken your position if you are accused of a crime. That is why you need to speak to an attorney before talking to the police.
  • Looking careless in court: This may seem unfair, but appearance is important. If you go to court looking careless and dirty, you will not do yourself any favors. You should keep in mind that people judge others by their appearance. Although judges and jurors should focus exclusively on justice, they do not always do so, and their personal prejudices sometimes influence their decisions.
  • Cooperate without the advice of an attorney: If you have been involved in illegal activities, the police may give you the opportunity to cooperate. Do not agree to this without the help of a lawyer. If law enforcement ask you to cooperate the day of your arrest, they will likely still be willing to accept your cooperation another day, too. An experienced lawyer will protect your rights during the trial and give you valuable advice on the real results that your cooperation can bring.
  • Resisting: This is a common mistake, but one that you should not make. Never try to talk back to the police or escape. Failing to show up in court will definitely work against you. Staying calm and thinking about the next step will help you. Hiring a qualified attorney should the first priority for you in this situation. 
  • Not knowing the charges: Sometimes people are unaware of the charges that they are facing. Are you facing a serious criminal charge or multiple crime charges? It is very important to know. The potential consequences will depend on the type of crime and how many crimes you are facing. This information will help you to decide how to proceed and fight for your rights and freedom. 
  • Sharing inaccurate information with your attorney: When you are in trouble with the law, your attorney is your best hope at a positive resolution. The information you share with your attorney is highly confidential. Being honest with your attorney will help him or her create the best possible defense for you.  

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Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes when you are charged with a crime will save you from possible worse consequences. If you are facing criminal charges, contact the attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law today to schedule a consultation and let us ensure your rights are protected.

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