Adoption and Financing in Georgia

The costs associated with adoption may vary, but in most cases, the amount required for adoption is significant. Costs related to adoption include attorney’s and agent’s fees, as well as expenses related to the biological mother, such as medical expenses. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to obtain financial support for adoption that are available throughout the process. If you are considering adoption, contact your attorney to find out what your best options may be. An adoption lawyer will be able to help guide you through the process so that it goes as smoothly as possible. 

Adoption Subsidy

Parents considering or working on the adoption of a child with special needs from a foster family should be aware of the support for adoption (also called an adoption grant). There are state and federal mechanisms to encourage parents to adopt children, particularly out of the foster care program and especially those with special needs. These mechanisms are federal (section IV-E) and Georgia financial assistance programs.

Depending on the child’s background, children may be eligible for federal or state adoption assistance. Pre-adoption care plays a vital role in determining adoption policies and practices. In most cases, this process is followed.

Sources of Financial Assistance

The Department of Family and Children Affairs (DFCA) uses funds for adoption assistance to facilitate the adoption of children with special needs who would not otherwise have been adopted. Federal courts do their best to look out for the interests of children in the system. They may decide to place the child without assistance if that would be best for the child. 

The eligible child will be given financial assistance to meet all the needs and costs of the adoption process. Adoption assistance may take the form of payment, medical care, and reimbursement of exceptional expenses:

  • Adoption grants shall be in the form of monthly payments made by the DFCS to the eligible family for adoption in favor of the eligible child;
  • Health care is provided by the Medicaid program, which covers the cost of health care services that the child may need for their condition. Medicaid is a joint national and state health insurance program; and
  • Non-cancellable adoption assistance is a lump sum payment of up to $1,500. There is a series of costs in the adoption process such as fees for adoption, hiring attorneys, and completion of other legal procedures. To meet these costs and special needs of the child the DFCS will sometimes pay up to $1,500 per child.

Adoption Loans

In some situations, foster parents can use certain life insurance policies, banks, and credit unions to get adoption loans. Some couples use adoption loans to pay for their adoption with tax breaks or employer’s compensation at the end of the adoption.

Adoption assistance shall not replace the legal responsibility of adopters for the maintenance of their child. Families shall be responsible for the use of their personal resources to meet the needs of the child. These resources may be used to determine whether a family receives adoption assistance.

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