What to Expect During an Arrest

Being arrested can be confusing and scary, especially if it is your first time. However, knowing what to expect during the arrest process can make you feel a bit more in control. Below is what you can expect through each step of the arrest process so you can feel more prepared and informed if it ever happens to you. 

The Arrest

The first step of the arrest process is when the police find you and physically place you under arrest. This can happen at your home, your job, or anywhere else. They will read the Miranda rights to you, place you in handcuffs, and take you to the police station. It is important to understand that the reading of your Miranda rights does not necessarily have to happen at the time of your arrest. Law enforcement is only required to read them to you when you are in custody or when they question you about a crime. At the time of your arrest, it is best to not say anything until you have an attorney to represent you. Even if you are innocent, exercise your right to legal representation.

At the Police Station

Here you will go through the process of booking and you will be asked questions such as your full name, date of birth, and address. Fingerprints and photographs will also be taken. After the booking process is complete you will be placed in a holding cell and this is also likely the time at which you will be allowed to make one phone call. It is in your best interest to call a trusted friend or family member and ask him or her to contact an attorney and a bail bondsman so you can get out of jail.

If you are able to make bail, you will be released until it is time for your trial. There are certain situations  in which you will not qualify for bond, and that will be based on the severity of your crime. In some situations you will be required to appear before a judge who will explain the charges against you before the bail-setting process can start.

Avoiding the Arrest Process

If you know that you are wanted in connection with a crime, you cannot avoid being arrested. However, it is possible for you to arrange to surrender yourself, which can stop the police from coming to your job or home and placing you in handcuffs. If you choose to surrender, it is advisable to have your attorney help organize a date and time for you to arrive and the police station to surrender yourself. In many cases, the bond can be pre-agreed in this situation, as well, which will make the process move more quickly.

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Although being arrested can be a difficult experience, arguing with the police, resisting arrest, or attempting to run is never in your best interest. Instead, stay calm, be on your best behavior, and remember to reach out to an attorney that will help you make your best defense in court. Contact the experienced attorneys at Lankford & Moore Law today.

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