Georgia Girl Rescues Sister Drowning in the Pool

A 10-year-old Georgia girl was recently caught on video rescuing her 3-year-old sister from drowning in the family pool. Kali Dallis was wearing an inner tube while swimming in the pool at an apartment complex, but the inner tube flipped over and forced the toddler under the water. Her sister Jayla immediately jumped in and pulled her to safety.

Witnesses to the accident called emergency personnel who then performed CPR on the child while transferring her to a local hospital. She was in critical condition for two weeks but has now made a full recovery and returned home.

Misconception About Swimming Pools and Drowning

Unfortunately, drowning is not uncommon, even in a family pool. Before making the decision to purchase a pool, a homeowner should understand the risks and responsibilities that having a pool can bring. People often have a false sense of security and believe that pools are inherently safe. That could not be further from the truth. Most cases of drowning occur when the pool is not in active use.

Unsupervised children are the most frequent victims of drowning. Even though a parent or babysitter may have just gone to use the restroom or answer the phone, a child can quickly wander away and fall into a swimming pool. Drowning happens very quickly and is typically very quiet. People mistakenly believe that people flail around in the water and scream for help, but this rarely happens in real life.

Pool Owners’ Legal Liability

No matter what you may have been told, the owner of the pool will almost always be found liable for any accidents that occur. They are responsible for providing an environment that is safe for adults and children who use the pool, as well as those who live nearby. The homeowner must also be proactive in accident prevention. This is a responsibility and burden that you do not want to take lightly, and the reason why many homeowners choose to not have a pool. However, if you are a homeowner who is determined to have a pool, here are tips for reducing accident liability:

  • Make sure the pool is only used when supervised.
  • Never allow the pool to be unattended if it is accessible.
  • When the pool is not in use, be sure it is clear of toys so that children are not tempted by them.
  • Require all children to be supervised when guests are visiting.
  • Do not let anyone drinking alcohol have access to the pool.
  • Make sure that life-saving equipment is near the pool and in good condition.
  • Do not rely on floatation devices to protect people from drowning.
  • Make sure your insurance policy includes coverage for any accidents that may happen at your pool.
  • Do not rely on any type of warning signs to protect you from liability.

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