Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if You are Innocent?

You have probably seen television shows or even know someone who has been arrested for a crime they did not actually commit. You know that if you are arrested, you have the right to talk to an attorney and you probably know that anything you say can, and will, be used against you in the court of law. If you are innocent and you did not really commit the crime, you do not need an attorney, right?

You cooperated with the police and answered all their questions. Yet the district attorney still filed charges against you. You are facing criminal charges and will be facing a trial, but if you are innocent you still do not need an attorney, right? If you just explain that it is all a misunderstanding, the truth will prevail. That is what we would all like to think, but that is where we would all be wrong.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

Ideally, we are all innocent until proven guilty, but that is not how it seems to really work. The police and district attorney will believe that you are guilty until you can prove without a doubt that you are innocent. Even if you are innocent, you may have a hard time explaining yourself. That is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contacting an attorney does not mean you are guilty. It is simply a smart move to ensure that your rights are protected.

Prosecutors and police are trained to look for incriminating evidence. Even though they may seem friendly, they are not your friends in this situation. They will look for evidence to build a case against you. Just because you are innocent does not mean that they will not try their best to convict you.

Finding the Truth

The criminal justice system works through a balance of questions and answers between the criminal defense attorney and district attorney. Eventually, the truth will be revealed to the court as both attorneys present their sides of the story. Typically, as both stories are told, together they will form the truth.

Regardless of your innocence, you need a criminal defense attorney to build a case that will protect and prove your innocence in court. Not only is having an attorney a smart move, it is your constitutional right. The government is even required to ensure that you have an attorney to represent you, and it has nothing to do with proving guilt or innocence. It is simply to help you navigate the complex legal system. A good attorney will be able to present evidence to prove you are innocent because there is a big difference between being innocent and convincing other people that you are innocent.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Failing to have a criminal defense attorney on your side is like handing over a gift to the prosecuting attorney. Even though you are innocent, failing to have an attorney on your side to explain your case makes the prosecuting attorney’s job much easier.

A defense attorney like those at Lankford & Moore Law will be able to review your case and give you a better picture of what to expect and what your legal options may be. It is our job to listen to you and protect your rights. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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